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Draughting Services

 – Generation of Primary Plant Cad drawings for substations designs.
– Design details of cable racking, cable ducts and related support systems.
– Detail drawings for HV/MV electrical cabling installations.
– Capability to produce 3D Substation drawings for presentation purposes and final design.
– Drafting work on high voltage power line projects and reticulation projects.
– DB Board layouts
– Control Panel layouts
– Safety Earthing layouts & High-Quality Earthing layouts for Gas Stations
– Refinery Equipment Plan Layouts
– LV Electrical Circuits for building design
– Substation Drainage Design

– Civil Engineering Drawings
– Structural Engineering Drawings
– Geo Referencing
– Site Plans
– Drawings exported to Google Earth

– New / Proposed Building plans
– Additions and Alterations added to existing plans
– Building plan submissions
– Real Estate Developers
– Interior Designing Services on building designs
– Staircase designs
– Lighting and Power Layout Designs

 – New / As Built Mobile Tower Site Plans showing the site plan, cadastral layout, site layout and elevations details.
– New / As Built Mobile Tower Building Plans showing the site plan, site layout, earthing layout and elevations details.
– Locality and Cadastral layouts
– Surrounding properties layout in specified radius

Administraton Services

– Drafting Complete Lease Agreements for Sites with Client information (Schools, Churches, Trusts, Companies..)
– Negotiating Leases for Telecommunications Sites

– SG Diagram Search
– Title Deed Search
– Property Report Search
– Contact information Search
– Company / Directors Report Search

Ericad Projects

Whether you are a company requiring a freelance draughtsman or an individual needing plans drawn, EriCad Projects can meet your needs with a professional service and produce a quality product. EriCad Projects operate with honesty and is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of service and take pride in everything that needs to be done to provide a service with which you will be happy with.

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